If you'd like to take advantage of the free installation that is offered for each template, follow these steps:

1. Receipt

Send me your receipt to (if you have purchased from my website, go to the email you've used and forward the receipt to

2. Access

To install your template, I will need access to your blog - to avoid sharing your log-in information, do this:
i. Go to Settings -> "+add authors" -> add my email ( and click on Invite Authors.
ii. After I accept the invite, go back to Settings and make me an admin.
* As soon as I am done installing the template and setting up all necessary widgets, I will remove my email and I wont have access to your blog anymore.

3. Information

Fill out the form below with the information I need to install the template. I might need additional information (it depends on the template you've purchased), so please make sure to check your email.