Terms & Conditions


By purchasing a template from Fearne Creative Design, you agree to all of the terms and conditions listed below and understand that all of them are subject to change. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact me.

1. Payment/Refunds/Returns/Exchanges.

Payment is accepted only via PayPal (even if you don't have an account, you can pay with your credit card via PayPal as a guest). Due to the digital nature of the products, no refunds, returns and/or exchanges are possible. Please always make sure you are purchasing the correct product. If you encounter any issues placing an order or installing and setting up the template you've purchased, I will be happy to help you.

2. Compatibility.

Currently, all of the templates Fearne Creative Design offers are for the Blogger platform only (blogger.com). This means that if your blog is on WordPress, Squarespace or another platform, the templates will not work for you.

3. Copyright.

Copyright on all items from this shop is retained by Fearne Creative Design. Once you purchase an item, you receive a copy of it and lifetime support, not the rights to said item.

- Personal use only.
- Small changes to personalize it.

- Commercial use (re-selling, sharing or redistributing the templates or any part of them).
- Claim any of the work (graphics, HTML, CSS) by Fearne Creative Design as yours.
- Share the templates or any custom purchases for free.
- Use items purchased from Fearne Creative Design on more than one (1) blog (excluding personalized custom graphics, headers, signatures, favicons, buttons). If you want to use one template on more than one blog, you are required to pay an additional fee of $15 USD for each new blog you want to use the template on (excluding the original blog).
- Removing the credits to Fearne Creative Design from the template(s) you purchase, unless you pay an additional $75 USD fee.

4. Blog backup.

Fearne Creative Design is not responsible for any lost information or code. Make sure you backup* your previous template before uploading the new one; it is your job to backup your files (especially if you have added your Google Analytics code to the Edit HTML section in Template).

* To backup a template, go to Template -> click on "Backup/Restore" in the top right corner of your page and download the xml file.

5. Support & Installation.

You will receive lifetime support for each template you have purchased from Fearne Creative Design (including templates that are no longer for sale). Support does not include custom changes or additions of items and widgets that were not not a part of the template you have or they have not been previously purchased.

I do not provide support for errors that have ocurred as a result of the client editing the template - even if you are not new to coding, please always experiment on a test blog to avoid broken templates and/or blogs and the possible loss of important information.

Installation is free for all templates; if you are interested, you can contact me before or after you place your order.

Last updated: 26th November, 2015. These terms are subject to change.